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Mexcaltitan tour gallery

Mexcaltitan tour
the Aztec Island

In the nearby state of Nayarit exist an island located among rivers, swamps and estuary named Mexcaltitan, the birthplace of the Aztec civilization that departed from here in 1089, get to know this unique place in Mexico known as the Mexican Venice due that the streets flood during the rainy season or during a hide tide.

The natives are used to live in a circle island that seems an imposible place to live when seeing the deep river covering any access to the island by land… you will also visit the town of Santiago Ixcuintla where you will see the colorful tiles murals that describe the history of Mexico thru the pass of the years.

Tuesdays and Fridays at 6:30 a.m.
Price: $ 129.00 US Dlls per person
Includes: bottled water, beer and soft drinks on the bus.
Lunch at La Isla restaurant (with no drinks

Please firts fill out the reservations form and then proceed to the payment in the bellow buttom.
  price: 129 USD per person.  
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